Leslie Bannister, Associate ASID, a Fort Worth local and TCU alum, has been designing since 1998. For as long as she can remember, Leslie has been captivated by diversity. In fact, traveling the world and living abroad have enabled her to come to appreciate the little things that make a house a home. Given her familiarity with the design industry, its no wonder that Leslie is an innovator. Leslie remains on the cutting edge of design through her risk taking ability and her unique creative energy found in each design. When asked what inspires her design, she notes that it is her clients. It is her true passion to bring pieces of each client’s heart and interest out into their surroundings.

       To her, the variety and diversity of each individual she works with makes for a rewarding day. In fact, no day is the same. With the connections she has made all over the world, including those made in both North America and South America, Leslie gives clients access to a world-class canvas of inspiring international furnishings and design pieces. She believes in order to create and achieve the ideal home for each client, the process must be well managed, the clients’ needs must be heard and understood fully, and the budget well respected. As her eye for design enhances all spaces, Leslie brings to life timeless beauty in a modern world.

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